About Us

We are a socially-conscious resource for women on dating and making meaningful connections in Austin.

Our goals:
A) Discover where the attractive, quality men in Austin hang out
B) Provide articles, video polls, personal essays, etc. that

i. narrow the dating communication gap ii. help women learn how to take charge of their dating lives iii. explain how to better represent oneself iv. debunk dating stereotypes and cliches

C) Investigate men in all aspects of the dating sphere, i.e. ask the questions that women think they can’t or won’t ask themselves
D) Represent and promote Austin and Austin culture

In addition to our articles and advice column, twice a month we will highlight an eligible bachelor around town and once a week we will feature a hotspot to meet people as well as challenge we want YOU to participate in.

Questions? Comments? Statements of fact or fancy? Email us! info@austinbedpost.com

Also, WE WOULD LOVE TO WORK WITH YOU! E-mail  veronica@austinbedpost.com